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 Phoenix DeFalco: Commander In Chief

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PostSubject: Phoenix DeFalco: Commander In Chief   December 15th 2016, 12:22 pm

Hello, there. My name is Phoenix DeFalco. I am the founder and director of the Call Of Duty: Honor Guard. I created this group as an effort to change the way players viewed the Call Of Duty franchise. I am a firm believer in Honor. I have 7 kids, and a beautiful wife who I love dearly, and who also plays CoD. This group is a very tight group of friends, and we all play to have fun. We don't hack, cheat, or exploit glitches in the game, nor do we believe in cheap, uncool tactics like camping with machine guns, hunting down afk players, or utilizing any hacked or modified controls, etc. Check out our Application Forum to learn more about us! Feel free to reply below with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

"The only thing you need to succeed in life is determination...With determination, you can do anything. You can BE anything." -Paul Proulx, 1920-2015. RIP, Papere...You are missed...
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Phoenix DeFalco: Commander In Chief
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